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Lead-free taps and mixers


100% Lead-free!

Aquatica® is the maker of the world’s first non-metallic, completely recyclable, people-pleasing, water conservation taps and mixers.

Our taps and mixers are absolutely completely free of lead, nickel, zinc, chromium, tin, and other heavy metals which have been conclusively proven to cause cancer and other health related problems!

Your health and well-being are our top concern, so our patented products are exclusively made from micro biologically pure, globally certified materials.

You will not have to pay a small fortune for our taps and mixers which deliver uncommon health and safety features. Our prices are competitive with mid-range products in the industry. However – quality, longevity and advanced ecological and health advantages go beyond anything available on the market today.

Below you can see our unique features, full technical data, and available models.

Dangers of lead in water

“Lead is toxic to both the central and peripheral nervous systems, inducing subencephalopathic neurological and behavioral effects.

Lead is exceptional in that most lead in drinking-water arises from plumbing in buildings and the remedy consists principally of removing plumbing and fittings containing lead.”

World Health Organization

Guidelines for drinking-water quality. – 2nd ed., ISBN 92 4 154460


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