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Monsoon® showers


Your personal Eden

Busy? No time for Spa? Says who?

Turn your daily shower into a relaxing and effervescent delight for your mind and your body! And you need not go further than your bathroom. Monsoon shower transforms daily routine into a daily treat!


Power up your shower

Say goodbye to grumpy mornings!

Jump into a shower and dazzle your senses.

Awaken to a rush of oxygen rich splash – like you are standing in the tropical monsoon.

We have re-engineered the shower for the 21st century and managed to produce a spray which combines deep, pulsating, therapeutic massage of hot water, with fine relaxing spray for easy rinsing of soap and shampoo.

Monsoon provides you with great pulsating shower, regardless of water pressure!

Below you can see our unique features, full technical data, and available models.

How Monsoon works?

The secret is advanced flow dynamics which mixes in ten times more oxygen than standard showers.

By continually supercharging every water droplet with oxygen, you will feel like you are standing in the tropical monsoon, yet you will use less than 5,6 liters of water per minute (1.5 gpm).

It is simply the best performing shower on the market today. We use proprietary technology exclusive to us.

No other shower even comes close in performance, and certainly not in price.



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