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Nautilus® head work


Saves water, money and your sanity

Do your taps or faucets leak?

Is the constant dripping driving you mad?

If you are tired of watching your money literally go down the drain, we got a solution for you – Nautilus head work.

Nautilus replaces old-fashioned brass head-work and stops leaks and drips – for good!

Nautilus can never be overtightened and can be easily operated with one finger – making it ideal for children, seniors, arthritis sufferers, and people with limited gripping strength.

You can use Nautilus valves in kitchen, bathroom, and shower taps and faucets. It can also be used in instant water heaters and shutoff valves of any kind.

Remarkably reliable solution is already used by thousands of schools, universities, hospitals, apartment complexes, hotels, restaurants, parks, airports, military installations, commercial buildings, etc.

Below you can see our unique features, full technical data, and available models.

Choose the best water conservation solution – Nautilus!

How does Nautilus work?

Nautilus relies on cutting-edge engineering in conjunction with 100% lead-free materials to safeguard your health, and ensure long term, drip-free performance.

As a reminder, brass head work contains lead and other heavy metals, so we use advanced polymers approved for use with potable hot water.

Nautilus eliminates the problem of wear and tear of the rubber washer on sharp edges of the brass tap seat. Repeated pounding of the washer causes it to wear out and spring a leak, causing functional failure of brass head-work. This requires expensive plumber’s visit to replace head-work washers, seats, or in some cases, the entire tap or faucet.

Nautilus rests the washer on the tap seat and uses internal sealing cylinder to do actual work of stopping or opening of the water flow.

Simple, durable and utterly reliable mechanism for years of trouble-free use.


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