100% Lead-free!

Aquatica® is the maker of the world’s first non-metallic, completely recyclable, people-pleasing, water conservation taps and mixers.

Our taps and mixers are absolutely completely free of lead, nickel, zinc, chromium, tin, and other heavy metals which have been conclusively proven to cause cancer and other health related problems!

Your health and well-being are our top concern, so our patented products are exclusively made from micro biologically pure, globally certified materials.

You will not have to pay a small fortune for our taps and mixers which deliver uncommon health and safety features. Our prices are competitive with mid-range products in the industry. However – quality, longevity and advanced ecological and health advantages go beyond anything available on the market today.

Below you can see our unique features, full technical data, and available models.

Danger of lead in water

“Lead is toxic to both the central and peripheral nervous systems, inducing subencephalopathic neurological and behavioral effects.

Lead is exceptional in that most lead in drinking-water arises from plumbing in buildings and the remedy consists principally of removing plumbing and fittings containing lead.”

World Health Organization

Guidelines for drinking-water quality. – 2nd ed., ISBN 92 4 154460

Lead-free advantages

Anti-scald protection

Special safety feature was built in all of our taps and mixers which prevents scalding on hot surface. Special construction insulates hot water channel and prevents overheating of the surface, staying below 38 °C (100 °F). This safeguards you from scalding and injury in the slippery shower or bath where sudden moves can be very dangerous.

Providing peace of mind and comfort for all users, especially the youngest ones who are now aware of what is safe to touch.

100% Lead free

Our taps and mixers are absolutely completely free of lead, nickel, zinc, chromium, tin, and other heavy metals which have been conclusively proven to cause cancer and other health related problems!

Metal taps are predominantly made from brass, an alloy of copper and zinc with lead content of 2-8%. Even modern brass alloys such as DZR Brass (Dezincification resistant), contain unwanted elements like arsenic. Arsenic is notoriously poisonous.

100% Recyclable

Advanced polymers we use can be easily recycled via known and available techniques.

When the time comes to replace our tap or mixer (should recycling be unavailable), small physical size and weight which is up to 5 times smaller than brass taps will minimize the impact on the environment by reducing the amount that goes into the land fill.


Taps and mixers are available in classical and trendy designer colors and finishes. You can choose from the broadest range of options for color and special effects in the industry. You are no longer confined to just chrome/metallic look of showers.

In the coloring process we do not use harmful chemical paints or solvents which emit volatile organic compounds. Instead we use more environmentally friendly approach where color is molded in through and through for long lasting finish.

Easy to clean

Excellent resistance to calcium buildup means more time to do what you really want and less time you need to spend on cleaning chores.

Damp cloth with mild soap will take care of most cleaning needs.

Impossible to rust

No need to worry about faucets rusting or corroding, since this can never happen due to advanced materials used in the manufacture.

Taps will also not discolor and color cannot be worn off, either by accidental impact or by scratching. The color is at least 1.5mm deep so the color will last.

Standards complaint

To ensure your maximum satisfaction, our products are designed to meet all relevant EU, US and international standards.

All the components in contact with water are standards compliant – materials, lubricants, O-rings, gaskets.

'Greener' cleaning

Now you can avoid using harsh chemical cleaners which contain ingredients average person can’t even pronounce. These chemicals end up washed down the drain and into our water table.

These chemicals flow into our rivers and eventually find their way into our underground water systems which are used for drinking and agriculture.

Globally certified materials

Materials used in the manufacture of our products which are in contact with water (taps, mixers, head work, hoses, showers) have been certified by international agencies. The materials do not impart any taste or smell to the water and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

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