Dual handle taps

Article # 194001
Aero® Bathtub faucet, Vanilla

Article # 193004
Aero® Wall-mounted sink mixer, 200mm spout, lower, Vanilla

Article # 193005
Aero® Wash basin mixer, Vanilla

Article # 193012
Aero® Stefani pillar tap, blue indicator, Vanilla

Article # 193045
Aero® Stefani pillar tap, red indicator, Vanilla

Article # 193001
Aero® Slant sink tap 1/2″, blue indicator, Vanilla

Article # 193006

Aero® Mixer for LP water heater, 200mm swing spout, Vanilla

Article # 193002
Aero® One hole sink set, swing spout 200mm, 2 inlets, Vanilla

Article # 193003
Aero® One hole sink set, swing spout 200mm, 3 inlets, Vanilla

WAF (Width Across Flats) = The distance between two opposing sides of a hexagonal nut / wrench opening / Schlüsselweite.