What is Presto?

Presto instantaneous water heater supplies unlimited hot water to any point of use you may need – sink, shower or bath.

It can be used in households, cafe’s, bathrooms, toilets, pools, restaurants, offices, bars, hotels, exhibition and shopping centers, gas stations, and anywhere else on demand hot water is needed.

Presto replaces conventional storage heaters without compromising your comfort, while helping the environment and your budget.

Presto instantaneous water heater is the most efficient, most economical, and most convenient way to heat water.

Presto works anytime, anywhere, in any season.

Below you can see our unique features, full technical data, and available models.

How Presto works?

  • When a hot water is turned on at the tap, cold water enters the unit. Electric coil heats up within second and supplies the hot water immediately!
  • Simple, reliable, and durable hydraulic switching ensures long-term performance and years of trouble-free use.

Presto advantages

99% energy efficient

With less than 1% of energy loss, Presto is the undisputed leader in water heating energy efficiency. Compare this to standard storage water heaters whose efficiency hardly reaches 60%, or to a gas heaters which top out at 85%.

By buying Presto you’ll spend less money each month to get the same amount of hot water.

Save up to 85%

Average 120 ℓ (31 gal.) storage water heater can waste as much as 1,000 kWh per year as water in the tank is continuously heated (standby heat loss).

Presto generates no standby losses, saves your money as it conserves the environment.

Instant performance

Electric coil of Presto heater supplies the hot water within a second of cold water entering the unit. You don’t need to wait for a storage tank to fill and heat up with enough hot water before using it.

Unlimited hot water supply

Presto replaces conventional storage heaters without compromising your comfort and hot water needs.

You no longer have to worry about how much of hot water is left in the tank.

Swiss reliability

The heart of Presto heater relies on Swiss made microswitches which are rated for 150,000 cycles.

This is equivalent to 15 years of use, so you can rest assured Presto will be with you for years to come.

Resistant to Legionella bacteria

Replacing your conventional storage (or SHW heater) with the Presto, you eliminate the conditions that breed Legionella bacteria.

Legionella bacteria causes an acute respiratory infection – Legionnaire’s disease.

Safe and certified

Presto water heater complies with relevant EU standards and directives and is certifiеd by TÜV Rheinland InterCert under the IEC (IECEE) CB Scheme.

The CB Test Certificate number HU-000803 was issued on June 03. 2011, along with the test report reference number 28210951 002.

Water saving

By providing warm water immediately where it’s used, Presto does not waste any water. You don’t need to let the water run as you wait for warm water to reach a remote tap.

For every 15 meters (16 yd.) of piping, you can save 5 ℓ (1.3 gal.) of cold water – per each use.

Space saving design

Cutting edge design takes up to 110 times less space than a storage water heaters! This saves valuable living space for you, not your appliances.

Presto tankless water heater weighs 0.5 kg (1.1 lb.), and can just about fit in the palm of your hand.

Durable quality

Since water is not stored in the tank, chances of rust and corrosion are completely eliminated.

In addition, Presto has self-cleaning heating coil whereby turbulent water flushes and scrubs the heating coil every time you use it.

Flexible installation

Presto mounts in any position, in any available spot. It works regardless of the orientation – up, down, or sideways!

Compare that to storage water heaters which must be mounted vertically on the wall or on the floor, while SHW heaters must go on the roof.

Seismic proof construction

Since water is not stored in the tank, chances of rust and corrosion are completely eliminated.

In addition, Presto has self-cleaning heating coil whereby turbulent water flushes and scrubs the heating coil every time you use it.

Simple design of plumbing system

There is no need for a temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valves, drain or mixing valve.

The design of the hot water plumbing system gets very simple and straight forward due to the advances introduced with the Presto.

Ensure your safety

Gas hot water heaters inherently pose a greater safety risk due to potential explosion or gas fumes intoxication.

Using Presto, you do not need to install gas piping, exhaust flues, drip pans or overflows which can be very expensive.

Energy saving product rebates

Recognizing importance of supporting energy saving products, there are number of financial incentives such as tax credits, grants or rebates available when purchasing and installing tankless water heater such as Presto.

Please check your locally available programs.

100% Recyclable

Weighing less than 0,5 kg (1.1 lb.), mostly polymer body and RoHS and WEEE compliant components, it can be easily recycled.

When the time comes to replace your Presto (should recycling be unavailable), small physical size will minimize the impact on the environment by reducing the amount that goes into the land fill.

Reduced GHG emissions

Presto is up to 110 times smaller than traditional storage water heaters which means that you can fit more units on a truck or a container during transport.

This shipping efficiency minimizes the GHG (green house gasses) emissions.

Compact size and minimal resource usage further reduces GHG emissions and overall carbon footprint of Presto water heater.

No hot water 'warehousing'

You don’t use hot water 24 hours a day, but, you’re paying to heat water all day long. With a standard water heater, you heat and reheat the same water – even when you’re sleeping. Does it make sense to spend money to create and then warehouse hot water? This “warehousing” is outdated approach which clashes with smart, ecological, and efficient use of resources needed in the 21st century.

Safeguard your property

Since Presto operates on 0 Bar/MPa/PSI pressure and it does not have a storage tank, it significantly reduces chance of property damage in case of any leak.

Where are 10–300 liters (2.6–80 gal.) of water from your storage tank going to go in case it gets damaged?

Completely integrated solution

Presto offers completely integrated water management solution for a seamless Demand-side water management (DSM).

Coupled with water saving jet aerator (in mixer set), or Monsoon Excel hand shower (in shower set), you have bundled solution right out of the box.

Built-in filter

Easily accessible filter effectively removes impurities and dirt present in water. Filter can be cleaned in under a minute without the need for professional plumbers.

You do not need to remove the mixer, or shut the water off at the angle valve.